Governor Mary Fallin's latest folly would create the largest property tax increase in the state's history -- at least $880 million dollars. Her plan would significantly raise your property taxes to fund school storm shelters without guaranteeing a single storm shelter gets built.

According to data provided by the Oklahoma Tax Commission and reviewed by County Assessors, the average home owner with a home value of $150,000 would pay another $458.25.


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Tell Fallin:

Dear Governor Fallin,

I'm encouraged that you've put forth a plan for storm shelters in Oklahoma schools, but I'm disappointed that you chose to raise property taxes to do it.

Your plan needlessly raises property taxes on homeowners, small businesses, ranchers and farmers while not guaranteeing any storm shelters are built.

There's a better way.

Joe Dorman has put forth a plan that protects our kids to pay for storm shelters with the already existing state franchise tax. His plan doesn't raise taxes, doesn't create new taxes and doesn't cut spending.

Please withdraw your plan and endorse Joe Dorman's plan for school storm shelters.

[Your Name]